• 11 December 1974
  •  San Diego, California, USA

Rey Mysterio


Was a professional wrestler for WCW although he made his wrestling debut in Mexico. Dropped out of school to become pro wrestler in Mexico but there were points during his career where he'd do homework in the lockerroom. Debuted as a wrestler and won his debut match. Nephew of wrestler Rey Misterio. Had a brief role (unmasked) as himself in Ready 2 Rumble. Came to WCW from ECW In 1996 after he debuted against Dean Malenko and lost in a stellar match. Like many luchadores (Latin wrestlers), he wore a mask until 1999 when he lost it to The Outsiders. Held multiple WCW Titles (8 different reigns in the cruiserweight, tag team & cruiserweight tag team divisions). He has wins over Kevin Nash, Bam Bam Bigelow and Scott Norton. He almost won the World Championship from Ric Flair. Now resides in San Diego, California.